Breast Surgeon, Sydney

Dr Katrina Moore was awarded her fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) in 2002. She completed her training as the International Surgical Oncology Fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York in 2003, a position which is highly sought after worldwide. She holds a Masters of Surgery degree (2001) from the University of Sydney. She is now Senior Lecturer and Senior Staff Specialist Breast Surgeon, heading the Multidisciplinary Breast Group at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. She has a full time clinical workload in addition to teaching, administrative and research activities.

She has developed her private practice within a multidisciplinary setting at the Mater in Sydney and also at North Shore Private. Since her arrival at Royal North Shore Hospital, in 2004, she has been responsible for developing the breast unit, where there had been previously no recognized entity and worked closely with the Mater multidisciplinary unit to create an interface across campuses. This in conjunction with the Mater is now recognized as one of the flagship multidisciplinary cancer units in NSW.

One of her passions has been the development of a multidisciplinary high risk screening clinic for patients who are at high risk of developing breast cancer for familial reasons and more recently she is hoping to establish a dedicated menopause clinic for patients with breast cancer. She has been awarded numerous grants to assist this process and been invited guest speaker at several domestic meetings re multidisciplinary care. She continues coordinate the breast unit there and is part of the Mater Multidisciplinary Unit and has academic, research and teaching commitments.

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