Dr Katrina Moore


Research Details

Katrina was awarded her Masters of Surgery Degree from the University of Sydney for work addressing the patterns of care of patients with metastatic colorectal hepatic metastases. Since then Katrina has been engaged in clinical and translational research and is currently part of a successful NHMRC grant for proteomic assessment of breast tissue and breast cancers. Dr Katrina Moore holds a conjoint appointment with the University of Sydney as Senior Lecturer and as such has ongoing teaching and research commitments. She has been a member of the Chochrane Editorial Review Committee for Breast since 2007 and is a member of the ANZ Breast Cancer Trials Group.

Translational Research

In conjunction with the Kolling Institute she has been actively involved in the breast proteomic project. She was CI on a successful NHMRC Grant in 2010 and contributed to the study which identifies two biomarkers capable of distinguishing benign from malignant breast disease. During the course of this project she has been awarded a local area research grant herself and co supervised students for honors and masters of surgery degrees. She continues to actively contribute to maturing the role of the breast tissue bank at RNSH.


Community Engagement, Teaching and Mentoring

Katrina has regular engagement with community groups speaking at public forums in association with the local Cansupport group. In addition as leader of the multidisciplinary group she has been speaker at general practitioner forums and community nursing education sessions. She is responsible for coordinating the local area annual conference and education session and the Surgical fellowship short course component at Royal North Shore Hospital. She has clinical teaching commitments to medical students and resident staff. Katrina has co supervised 2 honours students, 1 masters of surgery student and presently 1 pHD student.


Clinical Research

Katrina has a particular interest in the delivery of multidisciplinary care and has recently published two papers addressing processes within that setting. Since 2005 she has been invited guest speaker at Cancer Institute Meetings and those held by Australian Society of Breast Diseases and at The Breast meeting in Sydney in 2007.

She has published in Cancer and the Annals of Surgical Oncology re the role of sentinel node biopsy and presented at the RACS Annual Scientific Meeting 2006 about technical aspects of this procedure. She has also been involved in local clinical studies which have included a recently completed study of postoperative pain after breast cancer treatment at the Mater Hospital funded by the BUPA Foundation. In addition she has been involved in lymphedema studies looking at physiological indicators and in conjunction with the Sydney University Research Group is CI on a successful Cancer Institute Innovative Grant. Katrina supervises a pHD student at present in this project

Her clinical research activities have included being PI at RNSH  for several international and national trials including IBIS II Prevention, SNAC II, IBCSG 23,  Later and Breaconda She was recently awarded a local area research grant ($50000) to merge existing breast databases into a single multidisciplinary web based entity at RNSH.



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